Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Dollar on the Energy Standard

Evolution versus Entrophy

You have probably heard of something called entropy.
Entropy is why your car doesn't run forever on a tank of gas.
As in the Second Law of Thermodynamics.

Due to entropy, things go from hot to cold. Things go from a higher to lower state of order. Entropy is due to the inefficiency of processes, manifested in the production of heat energy. Entropy is why the sun will eventually exhaust its fuel and turn into a cold, hard lump.

Entropy effects all processes, so the destiny of the universe seems to be a uniform -273 degrees .

There is something known as evolution.
As evolution occurs, energy systems achieve a greater state of harmony. A higher state of order.
If  an absolute state of harmony were achieved, there would be perfect efficiency.
Such a form of energy would not be subject to entropy. It would be perpetual.

Due to entropy, the universe is running down. If entropy were the only process, the universe would ultimately go cold and dark.

Through evolution, can absolute harmony be achieved in an energy form? Will a form of energy evolve that is not subject to entropy? A form of energy that is perpetual, eternal?

Could this happen before entropy takes its toll on all energy systems?

Perhaps it already has.

Out of inorganic matter, life evolved. Think about that. Out of some complex molecules and water, we have life! In the process of evolution, life becomes conscious. The universe developed the capacity to know itself. What could be more extraordinary!

Conscious beings love. Is love a function of absolute harmony? Could it be said that love occurs when we experience absolute harmony?

Are energy systems which love, perpetual, eternal forms of energy?

If so, how do I nurture that energy?
How do I enhance my capacity to love?