Tuesday, August 27, 2013

the Lucid Dimension

living in the lucid dimension, we prepare ourselves, we prepare our space for when our bodies no longer support our consciousness.

Living in a non-material dimension: multi, extra D experience

A two dimensional creature, 2D, walks in a plane until reaching the edge. 2D can't look up or down. 2d only knew of two dimensions. But because 2D lives in three dimensional space she fell when she went over the edge. Falling in a vertical plane, 2D was still in her 2D world. But how did she change direction? Is this new plane a new dimension of being?

It would be as hard for 2D to conceive of a third dimension as it would be for us to conceive of life in a fourth spatial dimension.

I have Lucid Experiences.  Lucid Being is the experience of a 3D being encountering a new dimension of being. Like 2D going over the edge.

We experience the Dimension of Lucidity, a non-material dimension of being to which we can ascend, which is part of our long ascent.
What is this dimension and what do I do with it?

It is a non-material dimension. It is where our consciousness lives.  It is the non-material dimension in which I live. Whether I have materiality or not.

When the energy I am, originating from an energy which has always been, the energy of which all things are composed, lives in this non-material dimension.

Understand what this energy is and how it came to be as it is:
1. Changes in dimension are expressed as potential and kinetic energy.
2. Greater harmony evolving from gaseous nebulas to life to conscious life forms.
3. Consciousness forming a non-material dimension which oscillates due to the lucidity of experience.
Lucid Experience is promulgated by the energy generated by change in dimension. Change in dimension generates an oscillating, self-perpetuating wave of change in dimension.

Being in a lucid state, living as a lucid being, we energize the lucid dimension by causing it to oscillate. Music.  Music is extra-dimensional, a non-dimensional experience.

Change in dimension generates change in dimension.

Change in dimension occurs ... because of the potentiality of equal and opposite relativity; because change in dimension is greater harmony. Greater harmony is what is; what is in balance is what is.

Non-equilibrium dimensions phase and become equilibrium dimensions.
Non-equilibrium dimensions are non-existent, virtual, dimensions. For something to exist, for dimensionality to exist, there must be equilibrium; when an equal and opposite relativity of non-equilibrium dimensions occurs, they are in phase. these dimensions become material, they have materiality as change in phased dimensions is potential energy relative to kinetic energy.
Dimensions of what? Dimensions of positive and negative space, the change of which is the dimension of energy.

Dimensions are in equilibrium when non-equilibrium dimensions phase; there is constructive and destructive interference; there is positive and negative dimension.    Once phasing occurs, there is relative dimension.

Does space have dimensions?
Yes, space has dimensions.  Dimensions of space are non-material until phasing occurs - until dimensions constructively and destructively interfere.

I can picture constructive interference of dimensions; its exhibits bright lines.
Constructive interference is relative to destructive interference of dimension.

What does space roiling with energy mean?

There is constructive interference of dimension relative to destructive interference of dimension. This relativity defines energy, potential and kinetic.

non-equilibrium dimensions phase and become equilibrium dimensions.