Saturday, November 16, 2013

extra dimensional being

Two things:

One.  Physical being enables the lucid experience.

And So God is Born: the Physics of Eternality

Is being purposeful?

Understanding the origin of everything enables us in seeing how our being is purposeful.

Phasing of non-equilibrium dimensions occurs infinitely.

Dimensions twist and knot. Change in dimension is energy.

This energy evolves to an ever  higher order.

And then consciousness is attained.

Consciousness is a new dimension of being.

Consciousness causes change in dimension.

Change in dimension is a fluctuation in space.

Fluctuations in space phase when space is conditioned by harmonics. (Nov 16th, 2:45 pm)

Phased fluctuations are infinitely energetic self similar repeating chaotic systems of infinite being.

And so God is born.

Quick review of the Story of the Universe

Two forces. Entropy and Evolution.

These forces are countervailing.

Through Entropy, energy runs down to a lower level of order.

Through Evolution, higher states of order are achieved.

If entropy prevails, the universe will be cold and dead.

If a form of energy evolves which is in a perfect state of harmony, entropy does not apply.

If through evolution a state of energy can evolve which has attained perfect harmony, then that form of energy is perpetual.

We have attained love. A state of perfect harmony with what is.

Love is a perpetual form of energy.
Higher dimensional energy is perpetual?