Saturday, December 29, 2012

Lucid Experience

meaning. fulfillment.

what i sought
became manifest when i did one thing.

then i engaged. i reveled.  i practiced.

i saw my hand reach out. to a lamp on a table. i saw my fingers turn the switch. i heard the switch. click.
the sound. the sight. vivid. a lucid experience.

lucid. in a fleeting moment.
i practice being lucid.

i became physically, emotionally, mentally, psychologically, spiritually lucid.

to achieve this there is

nothing to know.
nothing to remember.

there is just joyful practice.
until there is only the doing. of being lucid.

know how to do one thing. then practice. nothing to remember. nothing to believe.
nothing to know. just doing. being. living. experiencing lucidity.

not only in a mediatative state. or while performing yoga, qi gong, praying.
lucid experience while doing everyday stuff!

but the experience of doing everyday stuff is lucid.

living a fulfilled moment. a simple matter. but not apparent.

what i needed to achieve in order to be fulfilled was not apparent.

when lucid, when living a lucid moment, i laugh at my preoccupation, my quest fulfillment, a preoccupation that had precluded meaningful experience, fulfilling experience, satisfying experience.

living in the paradigm, satisfaction is per the requisites of the paradigm.

living lucidly, i live outside of any paradigm.
a paradigm, a model of reality, is something i use. when i'm lucid. a paradigm is something i use to get a result.
i have found what i am looking for within my own experience.

what i have sought has been right before me.

my experience became lucid. for a moment. when having a lucid experience it seems like i am living an eternal moment. because it is. it is a reinforcement of the standing wave which is our consciousness. a lucid experience, an experience, is always in the present.  in an eternal present.

all of the world's disciplines.
new ones. cat purring sync.

about one thing: connecting to the energy of the universe.
however you do it. shooting a basketball. meditation. archery.

talk about what i mean by this. believing, knowing this has nothing to do with having a lucid experience.

we seek lucidity thru poetry. thru art. thru music.
we all have been lucid.

but to sustain it.