Saturday, July 13, 2013

what people need

yes, this is about what we need.
we need to nurture ourselves.
we need to connect with what will always be.

resource management. our resource is our eternal energy.
too concerned with other resource management of things we don't own.

fulfilling moments

living to fulfill god's will; living to glorify god; living to praise god.
we aren't inspired by this prospect because we don't believe in god.

but i believe in my own lucidity.
i believe that i nurture my eternal energy when lucid.
this is inspiring.

ownership: let's have a talk

first let's talk about what you really own.
its not what you have been told.

you own the same thing that the 'richest' people own.
ownership is not the domain of poets.
you may not own the same thing that the poet owns, the seer.