Saturday, November 30, 2013

What is this?

extra dimensional being

Our connection with each other

What is most startling is how we contribute to each other in attaining greater dimensonal energy.

Thè Way I Live

Seeking is an entertainment.
The being  of doing is thrilling and fulfilling.

took me a long time to able to get out of seeking.
But here I am.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

extra dimensional being

Two things:

One.  Physical being enables the lucid experience.

And So God is Born: the Physics of Eternality

Is being purposeful?

Understanding the origin of everything enables us in seeing how our being is purposeful.

Phasing of non-equilibrium dimensions occurs infinitely.

Dimensions twist and knot. Change in dimension is energy.

This energy evolves to an ever  higher order.

And then consciousness is attained.

Consciousness is a new dimension of being.

Consciousness causes change in dimension.

Change in dimension is a fluctuation in space.

Fluctuations in space phase when space is conditioned by harmonics. (Nov 16th, 2:45 pm)

Phased fluctuations are infinitely energetic self similar repeating chaotic systems of infinite being.

And so God is born.

Quick review of the Story of the Universe

Two forces. Entropy and Evolution.

These forces are countervailing.

Through Entropy, energy runs down to a lower level of order.

Through Evolution, higher states of order are achieved.

If entropy prevails, the universe will be cold and dead.

If a form of energy evolves which is in a perfect state of harmony, entropy does not apply.

If through evolution a state of energy can evolve which has attained perfect harmony, then that form of energy is perpetual.

We have attained love. A state of perfect harmony with what is.

Love is a perpetual form of energy.
Higher dimensional energy is perpetual?

Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Spiritual Adventure of Resurrection

I am not advocating a paradigm.
I can facilitate the experience of lucidity.
Once I am engaged in lucid experience the adventure begins.
No one needs to tell me what that adventure looks like.

In the process of living, out of my everyday being, all of the interacting and interrelating is about something.

What is all this about? Energy tends toward greater states of harmony. A gaseous, amorphous hot universe, galaxy formation, inorganic matter taking on the aspects of life, bringing us to the effectuation of consciousness, and the capacity to love; conscious attaining a level of harmony such that we manifest love.

Yes, this is why we create and love  music.
Our being, our physicality, will bring us to where we are at the point when we undergo transcendence and resurrection.

We will no longer need to think of our physical interruption as being an end point, as death, but of our resurrection.

I see it like this, and this is a schema, construct, paradigm of how the universe works, but believing it is not conditional for having lucid experience:

Consciousness creates, takes place in a new, non-material dimension. A dimension that is created with the emergence of consciousness.

Change in dimension is conserved. Change in dimension creates energy, positive and negative.
Consciousness creates dimension and change in dimension.
In creating change in dimension, consciousness produces energy. Energy which is self-propagating.
The higher the level of harmony, the greater the energy produced.

Is consciousness subject to entropy?  Is consciousness perpetual?
In achieving love, perfect harmony with what is, entropy does not occur.
So is that form of energy is perpetual?
How do we test this hypothesis?

Another hypothesis regarding the basis for consciousness being perpetual, is that consciousness produces energy by producing change in dimension, an energy which  is self propagating.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Fundamental fundamental

our experience is, forms, takes place in a non-material dimension.

change in dimension is energy.

energy is self-perpetuating; as in self perpetuating electromagnetic waves; as there is no change in inertia in an immaterial dimension.

is this energy perpetual? how pronounced it is, is a function of the change in dimension we can affect.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Thinking in Symbols while Experiencing Lucidity

That's it.

We think symbolically.
My First experience of lucidity was without hearing without symbolically representing the sound. Or the site.

Phase change: live out of abundance

To be lucid is to live in abundance.

There is a lucid experience

Thinking- feeling continuum.

thinking and feeling are integrated. the occur as functions of each other. like space and time are really space-time.

Being remembered

Legacy? Forget that.
Beyond legacy. Connecting wih the eternal energy that is. That is success. That is meaning. That is perpetual being. Yes, there is an energy from which the universe came forth. Consciousness is that energy's achievement.


The energy that composes everything evolved as greater states of harmony, or equilibrium were achieved.

If we could go back in time a few billion years to a time when we were inanimate matter... the concept that Consciousness 

Believing in God, in being part of an eternal energy, seems whimsical - or wishful thinking until you condsider...

Considering the astonishing process by which inanimate energy attains consciousness, belief in an eternal form of energy is easy! 

The mind bending stress I've endured over the last few yrs has cleared my mind and induced full on lucid experience of my being.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

the Lucid Dimension

living in the lucid dimension, we prepare ourselves, we prepare our space for when our bodies no longer support our consciousness.

Living in a non-material dimension: multi, extra D experience

A two dimensional creature, 2D, walks in a plane until reaching the edge. 2D can't look up or down. 2d only knew of two dimensions. But because 2D lives in three dimensional space she fell when she went over the edge. Falling in a vertical plane, 2D was still in her 2D world. But how did she change direction? Is this new plane a new dimension of being?

It would be as hard for 2D to conceive of a third dimension as it would be for us to conceive of life in a fourth spatial dimension.

I have Lucid Experiences.  Lucid Being is the experience of a 3D being encountering a new dimension of being. Like 2D going over the edge.

We experience the Dimension of Lucidity, a non-material dimension of being to which we can ascend, which is part of our long ascent.
What is this dimension and what do I do with it?

It is a non-material dimension. It is where our consciousness lives.  It is the non-material dimension in which I live. Whether I have materiality or not.

When the energy I am, originating from an energy which has always been, the energy of which all things are composed, lives in this non-material dimension.

Understand what this energy is and how it came to be as it is:
1. Changes in dimension are expressed as potential and kinetic energy.
2. Greater harmony evolving from gaseous nebulas to life to conscious life forms.
3. Consciousness forming a non-material dimension which oscillates due to the lucidity of experience.
Lucid Experience is promulgated by the energy generated by change in dimension. Change in dimension generates an oscillating, self-perpetuating wave of change in dimension.

Being in a lucid state, living as a lucid being, we energize the lucid dimension by causing it to oscillate. Music.  Music is extra-dimensional, a non-dimensional experience.

Change in dimension generates change in dimension.

Change in dimension occurs ... because of the potentiality of equal and opposite relativity; because change in dimension is greater harmony. Greater harmony is what is; what is in balance is what is.

Non-equilibrium dimensions phase and become equilibrium dimensions.
Non-equilibrium dimensions are non-existent, virtual, dimensions. For something to exist, for dimensionality to exist, there must be equilibrium; when an equal and opposite relativity of non-equilibrium dimensions occurs, they are in phase. these dimensions become material, they have materiality as change in phased dimensions is potential energy relative to kinetic energy.
Dimensions of what? Dimensions of positive and negative space, the change of which is the dimension of energy.

Dimensions are in equilibrium when non-equilibrium dimensions phase; there is constructive and destructive interference; there is positive and negative dimension.    Once phasing occurs, there is relative dimension.

Does space have dimensions?
Yes, space has dimensions.  Dimensions of space are non-material until phasing occurs - until dimensions constructively and destructively interfere.

I can picture constructive interference of dimensions; its exhibits bright lines.
Constructive interference is relative to destructive interference of dimension.

What does space roiling with energy mean?

There is constructive interference of dimension relative to destructive interference of dimension. This relativity defines energy, potential and kinetic.

non-equilibrium dimensions phase and become equilibrium dimensions.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

A continuum of being

I am quite sure I am an etrnal being. And not as a matter of faith. Although it isn't a matter of whether we have faith but we have faith in.

Think about it. Consider these facts. The energy of which we are, our conscious lucid being, is an aspect of a continuum; from quantum fluctuations, to the primordial soup, to galaxies with solar system with the planet terra on which life came forth capable of consciousness. To what due we owe this developmental process. Harmonics. To What adventure will this energy next ascend thru the continuance of harmonic interactions.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

what people need

yes, this is about what we need.
we need to nurture ourselves.
we need to connect with what will always be.

resource management. our resource is our eternal energy.
too concerned with other resource management of things we don't own.

fulfilling moments

living to fulfill god's will; living to glorify god; living to praise god.
we aren't inspired by this prospect because we don't believe in god.

but i believe in my own lucidity.
i believe that i nurture my eternal energy when lucid.
this is inspiring.

ownership: let's have a talk

first let's talk about what you really own.
its not what you have been told.

you own the same thing that the 'richest' people own.
ownership is not the domain of poets.
you may not own the same thing that the poet owns, the seer.

Saturday, July 6, 2013


So , is this ' being lucid', significant in any way? Really?
I do spend time
When I have been in a non-lucid state and then notice this due my dissonance with my being, then I see the difference.

Friday, July 5, 2013

not being lucid: what happens

insecurity. uncertainty. insecurity. anger. envy. uncertainty.

Seeing you in entirety

I see you , but what I see is your face. Hands. Clothing. I don't see what you are thinking. Feeling. I don't see the thought cloud above your head.
How can I? That is a lucid emotional experience. I can feel love. Then I see you.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Reaching another level of conssciousn

Living lucidly is to inhabit another level of consciousness. Just as an insect exhibits consciousness at a different level from animals.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Lucidity the Amplifier

signal amplification.
that's what we achieve.
crossing the threshold to eternality.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Phase change

Having a lucid experience changed me.
I found it to give me a sense of meaning.

But more so, this: being lucidly is exciting.

To live lucidly, in a state of lucidity, is to undergo a phase change. To a higher level if consciousness.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

a resource acquisition and utilization based existence

and then what.

living lucidly: one thing to learn: how i have a lucid experience

You only need to Read this to know one thing: how I have a lucid experience.
You don't need to read it in regards to what having a lucid experience is like, what it means, or its significance.

Thursday, June 27, 2013


if it takes only a few words to express a thought that indicates a clarity.      

Lucidity the enabler

Everything we do, when done lucidly, is done at a level beyond our non-lucid capabilities.


People are bust measuring themselves against you. You can't measure your lucid experience.. What matters is being lucid,  not measuring yourself against others.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

a musical journey

harmonic. it is where we come from.
our journey starts with us as quantum fluctuation.
we shouldn't limit our perception of our being.
we become stars.
then sentient.
we will return as a point of light in the quantum flux.
even now. where is our consciousness? is it part of the quantum flux, riding the quantum flux?

Sunday, June 23, 2013

the cost of not being lucid

what we did or didn't get. living in the schema of what I didn't get generated by that calculation can

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Increasing my net worth

At any moment, my  living is about increasing  my net worth.
I do that thru being lucid.
Being lucid nurtures, enhances my eternal energy.

Friday, June 21, 2013

the good news

in understanding how the universe came to be, there is to be found a practical application, which is that there is an eternal, perpetual energy which can evolve to be something wonderful.

our understanding is that from quantum fluctuations the universe did come.
all things come forth from this energy and connect to it.
in our being conscious we connect in a different way, perhaps.

but this: there is an eternal energy from which the universe was born.
we can connect with this energy most intensely thru being lucid.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

cohesive connectivity

from quantum fluctuations we have the earth, our solar system, the infinite sea of galaxies.

we exist as a function of quantum fluctuations of space.  the resources we need are also sourced in these quantum fluctuations.  

Sunday, June 16, 2013

My Net Worth based on my connection to the energy from which the universe is Born

Could we calculate our wealth as a function of the vibrancy of our lucidity?

- this would trump the Forbes score card -

Could we find this in reading a brain wave measurement.

Then we could measure how our thoughts and our actions enable greater or lessor connection with the energy from which the universe emanates - what as been described as God.

The energy from which the universe emanates is described as quantum fluctuations in a vacuum.
Do we connect with this energy when our bodies die?
What if we can?

This energy, quantum fluctuations in space, this energy from which the universe came forth, is God.
The energy which gives birth to the universe.

What if we can connect to it? Harness the energy to power ourselves.

Eternally Powered Up

Understanding how the universe came into being has the following application:

staying powered up.


Monday, June 3, 2013

resource allocation

we operate within the paradigm of how resources are allocated.

success is about having resources allocated to you.

we live in that paradigm of resource allocation.

upset when we don't get what we think w should.

happy when we do.

this is the reality defined by this paradigm.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

what we don't know

i know that being lucid is fulfilling.
on the level of eating the finest meal, wearing fine clothes, driving the best car, living on a grand estate.

but does it convey greater eternal energy?

i don't know.
it may, but i don't have empirical evidence.

in the lucid spectrum of consciousness

knowing that merely by being lucid i fulfill the highest potential of my consciousness.

we have created a model of reality around resource allocation.

success, personal worth, is defined as a function of specific parameters established in the model.

Friday, May 10, 2013


my brain waves are self propagating transverse electro-magnetic waves.

can i build a device that can interpret thoughts as promulgated  by those waves?
yes.   computers operated by  brain waves.

so my thoughts are perpetually self-propagating?

do they dissipate? how do I make them coalese?
how do i reinforce them? by making them harmonic.

what happens when the brain waves cease being generated?
they cease being generated.

my love - my harmonic - is an eternal energy?
where is it?

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

describe a lucid experience for me?

i can describe when it is that you are not being lucid.
i describe it in the negative.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Being Lucid is Something You Do

Being lucid isn't about learning a philosophy. Its about doing something. When I am engaged in a lucid experience, I understand everything.

I understand what matters; what is important; what success is; what abundance is; what eternity is; what power is.aqa

But I am not lucid because I understand something. I attain lucidity by being lucid. I attain lucid by eliminating conditions for harmony.

I recognize that I can be lucid. Suddenly I am.

Being lucid is not meant to be an on & off phenomenon.
Initially, I could be lucid for a few moments at a time.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Energy Standard

What would it be like to put the dollar on the Energy Standard?
The effect on energy efficiency is quite unexpected.

First, what is meant by an 'Energy Standard'?

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Quantum & Macro Scale

The dilemma which exists in physics exists at the societal level.

Small: Lucid experience.
Individual and personal interactions.

Large:  Political.

But the political actor is an individual.

Meaning & Fulfillment

Every moment is an opportunity for my conscious energy to grow brighter.
This energy persists after my body, the assemblage of nerve endings, sinews, blood vessels, is done being my body.

Imagine this:
walking down a hall. at night. in the dark. you have your phone with you. you sleep with it right?
and you use it as a light. its dim. or bright. if its dim, images are unclear.
if its bright images are vivid, colorful.
what will your consciousness (allow you to) 'see', what will it perceive, will it perceive itself and what will that be?

I most enhance that energy when my experience is lucid.
A waking, active experience.

How do I do that?
Many ways.
Become open to it by eliminating conditions for harmony.


Meaning & Fulfillment

Every moment is an opportunity for my conscious energy to grow brighter.
This energy persists after my body, the assemblage of nerve endings, sinews, blood vessels, is done being my body.

Imagine this:
walking down a hall. at night. in the dark. you have your phone with you. you sleep with it right?
and you use it as a light. its dim. or bright. if its dim, images are unclear.
if its bright images are vivid, colorful.
what will your consciousness (allow you to) 'see', what will it perceive, will it perceive itself and what will that be?

I most enhance that energy when my experience is lucid.
A waking, active experience.

How do I do that?
Many ways.
Become open to it by eliminating conditions for harmony.


Friday, April 12, 2013

If, then

If data, like a picture of  someone's breakfast, streaming video conversation with my daughter, music can be wirelessly transferred from a server to a mobile computer;

if out of nothing the universe could spring into being and evolve - from nothing! - to my daughter taking a walk while listening to music on her iPod, or me sitting at an outdoor cafe having coffee, then maybe the energy which is my conscious intellect persists in some form, individual or common.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Models of Experience

Lucid experience is vivid.
Nurtures eternal energy.

Model isn't what you experience.

Results / events is consistent with the model.

Live in financial model upset when not working per expectations.

Lucid is Eternal experience

Experience of what people emote.

Experience of who we emote.

Because we create emotions.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Sometime in the Near Future Big Thing

When I am experiencing lucidly, do the flowers bloom longer?
Do I float across the ground?


My heart rate is reduced. I feel positive hormones flood my system.

In the future, lucid experience may increase in intensity.

Perhaps the lucid experience of all beings present and past will culminate in the greater capacity of every person by giving them a greater energy to connect to.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Gathering evidence that our conscious energy is perpetual?

Science proves the negative.
It can't prove a positive.

It can't prove that something will always happen. It can prove that something doesn't always happen.

So, we state a hypothesis.
What experimental results would be consistent with our hypothesis?

Triggering the lucid experience

How do I become lucid?

Watch my hand turn on a light.

The sound of cellophane crackling.

My last moment.

Focus on breathing is a way to become lucid.

But this is not meditation. This is not a meditative state.

Being lucid is a functional state for engaging in activities, while having benefits similar to meditation, but also having benefits far beyond.

moral bearing

when lucid, every moment is the best moment i can live.
i have no conditions for harmony. i am readily love.


when lucid i feel total validation.
there is no losing.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Slipping out of Lucidity

Being lucid and staying lucid. Not easy to do. At first I would experience lucidity for mere moments at a time. Gradually I developed the capacity to stay lucid for hours. Eventually my lucidity was a present reality.

But at times I slip out of lucidity. My existence feels two dimensional. And I am not able to reengage in the lucid dimension, in multi-dimensional lucid reality.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

what life on this planet may achieve

our planet is able to fill the universe with a new form of energy.

we need to understand our relationship to each other as sentient, loving beings.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Love being lucid

When you are engaged in lucid experience you don't ask 'Is this all there is?'

you revel. You enjoy joy.

religious experience. maybe you don't feel anything.

you try.

lucid experience. you are what you experience.
there is no distinction between you and what you feel.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Practical application

do plants grow faster, or hardier in my lucid presence?

when i'm lucid can a change in my e/m (electromagnetic) brain waves, in my body energy be detected?

do i sing louder?
do i feel with greater intensity?

can i measure this?
how can i measure this?

what i measure will be two things:
my intensity as i engage in an act,
The energy level I've obtained;
   my intensity as i live at resting potential.

my e/m intensity. the e/m intensity of the standing wave that is my consciousness.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

cracking the code for living a meaningful, fulfilling life

     the code for having every moment be fully productive.

      the code for having a meaningful, purposeful existence.

breaking thru the paradigm.

a break out.

every moment contributes to our evolution.

to our eternal energy, to our presence. (who we are in the present).


You are sentient.
Imagine being the only sentient being.
Then you happen upon another sentient being.

our battle is with entropy

entropy. its why we get cold and hungry.

its why a star dies.

can we overcome entropy?
The opposite of the process of entropy is the process of evolution.

In the process of evolution we attain greater levels of harmony with what is.

Testing the Hypothesis

do we have an increase in our electromagnetic aura when we have lucid experience?

Monday, January 28, 2013

My Way Here

The Lucid Condition

My first lucid experience
Maintaining a state of lucidity was difficult. It wasn't something I could try to do. I could calm my mind and experience lucidly.

Emotional Lucidity
I wondered what it would be like to be emotionally lucid.
Lucid Experience of a sentient being.
You are with your family members. Cousins. Uncles. Aunts. Grandparents. Special experience. Experience of connection.

Friday, January 25, 2013

living in a vivid dimension

a lucid experience is like living in an additional dimension.
a dimension with augmented sound, tactile sensation, and visual richness.

its all about ElectroMagneticism

plug in a toaster. it'll toast.

this is from energy from the sun.
its electromagnetic energy transformed into electricity.

as a wave propagates a current.

as our conscious energy is e/magnetic.

we seek physical contact.
to hug and be hugged.

my cat rubs against my leg.


Imagine This
Can I match up my electromagntixc energy to be propagated by the energy of the universe?
Can the energy of the unicerse sync with my energy such that it perpetuates my energy?
To what degree?

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Singing in the presence of myself

When i am lucid i am in the presence of myself.
as when i'm singing.
i am in my presence.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A new Definition of Success

The paradigm of success.

to succeed is to enhance your eternal energy.
something anyone can do at any moment in time.

 boosting  your eternal energy is a function of the intensity of your lucidity.

in our loving something, someone, our lucid experience is accentuated, our eternal energy is most dramatically enhanced.

the nuanced statement of requires a paradigm of a different modality.

The Principle by Which All Things Function

We've all pondered the origin of the universe.
I also sought to know the principle by which the universe was born and evolved.

I thought that if I understood the principle by which all things function, then I would understand how to behave to enhance my eternal energy.

Monday, January 14, 2013

The Inevitability of Success (its not 5 secrets)

Anyone can achieve lucidity.

And its the most productive use of your moment.

A moment in which you enhance your eternal energy.

The degree and extent of your lucidity determines the enhancement of your eternal energy.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

is Our energy perpetual?

there is an extant energy.
of which we are a part.

propagation thru connection.
electromagnetic standing waves.

where did the universe come from?
from the energy that is.

how did the universe evolve from the energy that is?

why is there is an extant energy?

physics say:

What Matters to Me

My key insight is this:

in our being conscious, in the process of living we nurture and enhance our eternal energy and our connections to the energy which is.

in being lucid we dramatically move up the gradient of enhancing and nurturing ourselves.

once we are lucid, we lose our childish attachments while becoming child like in our wonderment.

the awards we create, the constructs we revel in, we experience with the added dimension we live in when lucid.

Obliquely Describing Lucid Experience

If you could live in a glorious mansionesque home -or have a lucid.experience - once you have a lucid experience, you will always choose having the lucid experience.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Outside of the Paradigm

When I am Outside of the paradigm there are no conditions for harmony.
I can love.
Being lucid gets me outside of the paradigm which I didn't know I was in.

Being lucid empowers me to love.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Connecting to the energy that is

There is an energy which has evolved into our universe.
Space is filled with quantum energy, according to the standard model of physics.

The energy which we are, is part of the energy fills space.
How do we enhance our energy?
How do we enhance our connection?
In doing so we have meaning. We fulfill our purpose.

How do we enhance that energy?
People find their way:
yoga. run. paint. meditate.
play piano. dance. pray. quigong.
fixing things. cleaning. work. listening to a cat purr.

In doing anything we love, we connect to that energy.

How do we enhance our energy?
How do we enhance our connection?

by Doing anything we love. by loving.

in Being Lucid. The connection is enhanced.
Our energy becomes stronger.

One Thing to Know: then Practice

In becoming Lucid, Learn how to do one thing, then Engage in that Doing.

There is nothing to remember. Only doing.

No waiting or positioning required to Do something important.

Be Lucid.

the lucid experience is so rich; if an enlightenment experience is magical, then a lucid experience is an enlightenment experience.

if we seek an enlightenment experience because it is magical, such is a lucid experience.

The Lucid moment

What would a  spiritual experience be? If I were enlightened what would I see? What would I hear? The experience would be extraordinary in some way, right?

lucid experience
Hearing, seeing; being physically lucid, enabled  me to be emotional lucid. Psychologically lucid. Spiritually lucid.

 I hear my steps. Have you heard the sound of your steps. its indescribable. and unremarkable. But for the act of hearing the sound they make. Nothing remarkable about seeing a crumpled napkin on a table. Other than that I am seeing it.

Experiencing Lucidly can be a source of immense pleasure and joy. More so than fine dining.
Every moment is meaningful. Purposeful. I connect with the energy of the universe. Deepen my connection with the energy that is in being lucidity.

out of the paradigm living.