Sunday, January 6, 2013

Connecting to the energy that is

There is an energy which has evolved into our universe.
Space is filled with quantum energy, according to the standard model of physics.

The energy which we are, is part of the energy fills space.
How do we enhance our energy?
How do we enhance our connection?
In doing so we have meaning. We fulfill our purpose.

How do we enhance that energy?
People find their way:
yoga. run. paint. meditate.
play piano. dance. pray. quigong.
fixing things. cleaning. work. listening to a cat purr.

In doing anything we love, we connect to that energy.

How do we enhance our energy?
How do we enhance our connection?

by Doing anything we love. by loving.

in Being Lucid. The connection is enhanced.
Our energy becomes stronger.

One Thing to Know: then Practice

In becoming Lucid, Learn how to do one thing, then Engage in that Doing.

There is nothing to remember. Only doing.

No waiting or positioning required to Do something important.

Be Lucid.

the lucid experience is so rich; if an enlightenment experience is magical, then a lucid experience is an enlightenment experience.

if we seek an enlightenment experience because it is magical, such is a lucid experience.

The Lucid moment

What would a  spiritual experience be? If I were enlightened what would I see? What would I hear? The experience would be extraordinary in some way, right?

lucid experience
Hearing, seeing; being physically lucid, enabled  me to be emotional lucid. Psychologically lucid. Spiritually lucid.

 I hear my steps. Have you heard the sound of your steps. its indescribable. and unremarkable. But for the act of hearing the sound they make. Nothing remarkable about seeing a crumpled napkin on a table. Other than that I am seeing it.

Experiencing Lucidly can be a source of immense pleasure and joy. More so than fine dining.
Every moment is meaningful. Purposeful. I connect with the energy of the universe. Deepen my connection with the energy that is in being lucidity.

out of the paradigm living.