Sunday, February 10, 2013

Gathering evidence that our conscious energy is perpetual?

Science proves the negative.
It can't prove a positive.

It can't prove that something will always happen. It can prove that something doesn't always happen.

So, we state a hypothesis.
What experimental results would be consistent with our hypothesis?

Triggering the lucid experience

How do I become lucid?

Watch my hand turn on a light.

The sound of cellophane crackling.

My last moment.

Focus on breathing is a way to become lucid.

But this is not meditation. This is not a meditative state.

Being lucid is a functional state for engaging in activities, while having benefits similar to meditation, but also having benefits far beyond.

moral bearing

when lucid, every moment is the best moment i can live.
i have no conditions for harmony. i am readily love.


when lucid i feel total validation.
there is no losing.