Sunday, January 13, 2013

is Our energy perpetual?

there is an extant energy.
of which we are a part.

propagation thru connection.
electromagnetic standing waves.

where did the universe come from?
from the energy that is.

how did the universe evolve from the energy that is?

why is there is an extant energy?

physics say:

What Matters to Me

My key insight is this:

in our being conscious, in the process of living we nurture and enhance our eternal energy and our connections to the energy which is.

in being lucid we dramatically move up the gradient of enhancing and nurturing ourselves.

once we are lucid, we lose our childish attachments while becoming child like in our wonderment.

the awards we create, the constructs we revel in, we experience with the added dimension we live in when lucid.

Obliquely Describing Lucid Experience

If you could live in a glorious mansionesque home -or have a lucid.experience - once you have a lucid experience, you will always choose having the lucid experience.