Saturday, September 7, 2013

Thinking in Symbols while Experiencing Lucidity

That's it.

We think symbolically.
My First experience of lucidity was without hearing without symbolically representing the sound. Or the site.

Phase change: live out of abundance

To be lucid is to live in abundance.

There is a lucid experience

Thinking- feeling continuum.

thinking and feeling are integrated. the occur as functions of each other. like space and time are really space-time.

Being remembered

Legacy? Forget that.
Beyond legacy. Connecting wih the eternal energy that is. That is success. That is meaning. That is perpetual being. Yes, there is an energy from which the universe came forth. Consciousness is that energy's achievement.


The energy that composes everything evolved as greater states of harmony, or equilibrium were achieved.

If we could go back in time a few billion years to a time when we were inanimate matter... the concept that Consciousness 

Believing in God, in being part of an eternal energy, seems whimsical - or wishful thinking until you condsider...

Considering the astonishing process by which inanimate energy attains consciousness, belief in an eternal form of energy is easy! 

The mind bending stress I've endured over the last few yrs has cleared my mind and induced full on lucid experience of my being.